My name is Ingrid Waddington, I live in São Paulo , I’m fourteen, I have one brother.
I love to go to school because I see all my friends but I really dislike to wake up at 6:00Am!
My favorites foods are salad,chocolate, “Strogonoff”, and a lot of other things I love to eat!
My best friends are Lorraine, Clarisse and Vickie we used to hang out every week end to the clubs or to a japanese restaurant called “Temakeria” , we love to have CRAZY trips!
We also like to travel to Lorraine’s beach house in Guarujá we have a lot of fun there because we can stay at the beach until 2:00 in the morning. We’re very ancious for friday night we’ll go there!
Every time we go there she invite’s everybody who is in guaruja to her house this time we’ll gone be 25 teenagers in her house it’s gone be very fun.
I love to watch tv shows like “Gossip Girl”, “90210” and “Priveleged”, we spend all the night watching Gossip girl.
I really love to go chat with my friends at Msn and Orkut after school but sometimes the internet doesn’t work anymore that makes me really obsed.
So this is a little part of me.


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