Hero and rebel


– star

– ideal

– exemplar

– idol

– number one


– independent

– innovator

– resistance

– revolutionist

– nonconformist

              “Hero” and “rebel” are two diferent words, but we can see a thin line between them. You can be hero and rebel at the same time. Those two words have some points in common. For example a rebel can be a star, and a hero can be revolutionist. Martin Luther King was an example of hero, Gandhi, John Lennon and many others. They help to make a better world for their children. At the most part of time it was in fights, wars, and discrimination cases.



The iPod!

This is a great gadget when you want to listen to music. It’s great you can put like 10000 musics. It’s very practice, you can listen in your car, at the bitch, before sleeping…i’ts very addictive. I listen it EVERYDAY

I recommend it!ipod_touch_real2


8Z5_twitter-iconsWell this days I just found  out , TWITTER which is a mini-blog where you can make tweets telling what you’re doing. You can also found celebrities and follow them, then you learn what they’re doing, their opinion, where they are. I think this is a great idea, it’s a good way of communication between famous people and their fans, there’s no limit ! I love it, I sign in every single day now!

Best temaki ever!

2fbda3d213c1542e473bf1e99b3e72deWell, me, Clarisse, Vickie and Lorraine when we used to hang out on Oscar Freire we used to go to the Temakeria wich is a japanese restaurant!

Is the best temaki ever, i never tasted something like that, it’s a mix of flavours, it is SO  delicious! We also go there when we don’t have “aide individualisée” classes , we walk all that long just for that temaki because it’s so good!IT’S FABULOUS TRUST ME!

I recommended and approve it!

Make-up on the net

Many times before I hang out with my friend to parties or others I go in youtube to see different types of make-up and we can learn it, wich is pretty cool, for those who don’t know how to put make-up on. The girls and I are found of this one.

Check it out guys!

America’s Next Top Model

The America’s Next Top Model is a program that we can watch on Sony Entertainment Television, it’s a competition of fifteen models who are challenging for a contract of $ 100 00, and 6 covers of Seventeen magazine, and the most important, TO BE THE AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL! Before get there, there are a lot of photo shoots to select the best photo. The judges are Tyra Banks (the executive producer) and her assistants like the photographer Nigel baker, a top model, and a guest. In every judgment one model go home, until just one stays in the competition. I love it I watch it every week, we can learn a lot of fashion’s law in this program!


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